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First Steps to Buying a Condo!

If you know buying a home is in your future and you're curious where to start, look no further! It can seem like a daunting process and I'm happy to break it down to help make it easier!

Pre-approval is Key!

As soon as you know or think that buying is in your future, you should get pre-approved! With the right lender, the pre-approval is like receiving a roadmap to the purchase for several reasons!

A good lender will back the pre-approval amount to a comfortable monthly payment, factoring in all monthly expenses on top of the mortgage like taxes, insurance, HOA payments, etc. Just because someone can afford a certain purchase price doesn't mean they're comfortable with the monthly payment it comes out to.

Clear your weekend, it's showing time!

After you're pre-approved you will be set up on a search and receive listings via email in the specified location, price point, wants and needs, etc.

I definitely recommend using the beginning few days and weeks as a starting point to gauge if what you're looking for is out there. If you've seen a handful of options that catch your eye, you're in a great spot! If you've only seen a few here and there, what you're looking for is out there, there could just be more competition and fewer options coming on the market. Or if you haven't seen anything that's worth scheduling an in person showing, something may need to be adjusted with the purchase price, location, or number or bedrooms/bathrooms.

Showings are usually what everyone looks forward to, and it's important to get out and start seeing options. Seeing properties in person is the best way to really narrow down the search and get a clear idea of ideally what you want and what you're looking for! And don't forget to have fun!

Making an offer!

You've finally found something you love, now what?!

This part of the process is where your real estate agent really shines. There are a lot of strategic pieces that go into making an offer, and the highest offer isn't always the one that wins.

Every seller has an ideal scenario in mind when they go to sell their property. Maybe it's getting their ideal close date, price, leaving furniture behind, and the list goes on and on. Every situation is different, which is partly what makes our job so exciting. Having a good agent to facilitate and strategize the offer is key, especially when a seemingly minor detail can be the difference between being the winning or losing offer.

There's plenty more to the process after an offer is accepted by a seller, but that's a post for another day! If there's any questions that come up feel free to shoot me a message and I'm happy to have a conversation!


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