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  • What do I need to qualify for an apartment?
    Landlords typically like to see around a 650+ credit score and combined gross monthly income of 3X the monthly rent.
  • What do I need to apply for an apartment?
    Usually an application is pretty short, simple, and to the point. You will need a few things and I recommend gathering them before showings so you're not scramling to find everything when you're ready to make a move. A copy of your ID A copy of you past 2 pay stubs Previous landlord information such as phone number and address If you're applying with and Emotional Support Animal you will also need a verification letter from your doctor.
  • When is the best time to start looking for an apartment?
    Listings usually come up around 60 days at the earliest, before your intended move in date. If you're eager to start the search, I recommend doing research on narrowing down where you want to live so when listings do begin to pop up, you already have a good idea of where you're looking. I think the sweet spot to start the search is between 45-30 days before the intended move in date. That way, you've beat most of the rush and don't need to scramble to find an apartment 3 weeks before you need to move!
  • What are important questions I should be asking my roommates before looking for an apartment?
    Living with roommates can be tricky, especially when priorities aren't in line with one another. I recommend asking these questions before starting the search so there are no surpises when it gets down to the wire. 1. How much do you want to pay per month? 2. What do you want your commute to look like? 3. What public transit options do we need to be near? 4. Do you have any dealbreakers? If so, what are they? Example - laundry in unit, equal sized bedrooms, top floor unit, etc. 5. Are you okay with street parking or do we need to find someting with off street options? 6. Are you looking for an apartment with more space, or are you looking for an apartment with nice finishes? (A typical trade-off) 7. If we find options with unequal bedrooms, is someone interested in taking the bigger bedroom?
  • Why do I need to submit first month's rent with my applicaiton?
    Submitting first month's rent with the application for it to be considered complete is totally standard! Think of it in the form of earnest money, showing the landlord that you're 100% committed to the unit. Many times, once a landlord has a complete application, the unit it taken off the market pending approval. This is a big reason why first month's rent is needed to show committment, because while your application is pending the unit is losing time on the market.
  • What fees are usually associated with renting an apartment?
    1. There's ususally an application fee ranging from $50-65 per person which covers the credit/background check in the application process. 2. A move in fee is much more common these days than paying a security deposit. A move in fee is usually between $200-350 per person, paid once before move in, and non-refundable. This is taken in lieu of a security deposit and would cover the cost of damages, wear and tear, and necessary cleaning.
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